Batangas Beach Resorts

Batangas Beach Resorts

batangas beach resorts 300x198 Batangas Beach Resorts

Batangas, the city located at the south western part of Luzon offers a lot of beaches that provides great diving spots. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of the coastline and the crystal clear water. If you want to escape the busy city, a visit in Batangas would be a wonderful idea. It is just two to three hours away from Manila and finding your way is just easy.

Boracay and Palawan is also well known for their beaches but if you opt not to go to these places because of the expensive plane tickets, hotel accommodations or just because it is way too crowded for you, Batangas is the place. It is promoting a well managed tourists spots. Aside from Boracay, Batangas is also well known for the variety of resorts that are available.

Mountain plus beach equals a wonderful vacation. It gives you a two way option. When you had your full swimming in the beach, you can taste Mother Nature at its best. You can take a tour and be enticed by the beauty of Batangas.

Leading beaches such the Gerthel Beach in Lobo, Natipunan Beach in Nasugbu, Matabungkay Beach in Lian and Mahabang Buhangin Beach in San Juan are available in Batangas. They offer premier services and a world class accommodation. However, amenities differ from one place to another.

Who can resist the appealing shore lines of Batangas? Who would not relish the scenic view that it offers and most of all the chance to appreciate marine life. Batangas is said to be the home for the half of the species of the coral reefs in the world. While Batangas is where the smallest volcano in the world can be found, it is also a home for something big. The world’s largest whale shark or what the locals call “Butanding” is also residing in the bountiful marine environment of Batangas. Imagine experiencing everything in just one place? How awesome could that get?

When choosing a resort, just make sure you get an all in one package. Make sure you get to feel that you really are in Batangas and not in any other place. Don’t forget to check the resorts for promo too in that way you can save some money which you can add to buy some delicacies or take a tour in the city. You should also not miss the view of the most popular landmark of the city, the Taal Volcano which is located at the center of the Taal Lake. A perfect get away in one of the most beautiful place in the world, Batangas beach resorts.

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